Canada We need Your Help: Growing Seeds on Mars

The Barboza Space Center is conducting research in the area of Astrobotany. The article below will help to start the conversation. Here is our contact information. We are working on the Barboza Space Center’s First School on Mars. Contact Information: Bob Barboza, CEO, We invite you read about what others are doing. Seeds […]

Make Water on the Moon

Earth’s Moon Feb. 20, 2019 NASA Scientists Show How Ingredients for Water Could Be Made on Surface of Moon, a ‘Chemical Factory’ When a stream of charged particles known as the solar wind careens onto the Moon’s surface at 450 kilometers per second (or nearly 1 million miles per hour), they enrich the Moon’s surface […]

What is going on with STEM in Canada?

Students in the USA are working on a new Mars international community project.  They want to collaborate with students in Canada.   More information:,   The following article featuring Universities Canada president Paul Davidson was published in the Globe and Mail on October 21, 2016. Preparing Canadian students for the challenge of change […]